Monday, June 16, 2008

Beyond Releases "Measure of Peace, Part 1;" Scraps "Reciprocity"

Star Trek: Beyond has released the third episode of its third season: "Measure of Peace, Part 1." In this episode, "The crew of the Precipice return to Sector 185 of the Kilos Quadrant. The Captain welcomes a new First Officer (CDR Maku) & the return of an old friend (LT Parker)."

At the same time of this release, however, comes some bad news. "Reciprocity," the three-part mini-series about the Romulan-Klingon War, has been cancelled. Details as to why this decision was made are sparse, but it has been announced that there will be filler material to replace "Reciprocity," which was going to make up the nineteenth, twentieth, and twenty-first episodes of Beyond's third season.

The next Beyond episode to be released, "Measure of Peace, Part 2," has been completed, along with the episode after that, "One for the Team." However, as it seems to be the custom with Beyond, no release date has been set for either episode.

"Measure of Peace, Part 1" is available here; the full announcement about the cancellation of "Reciprocity" is available here.

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Anonymous said...

News surfaced at Q Storm Productions ( that the producers of Star Trek Beyond are currently working on a new series called STAR TREK - MINOTAUR. It's causing quite a stir with Paramount as there is more news that some of the fired technicians from DS-9 are signing on with the producer to get MINOTAUR off on the right road in the CGI department. Should be interesting!