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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Intrepid to Release "Where There's a Sea"

Today, Star Trek: Intrepid is scheduled to release a twelve-minute short called "Where There's a Sea," in which "The Ariadne comes under attack from the Orions whilst transporting Lieutenant Cole. When Captain Merik discovers the full details, the fragile relationship between Starfleet and the Merchant Service Worsens." This is the third release from Intrepid, following the pilot episode "Heavy Lies the Crown" and the Intrepid/Areakt short "Orphans of War." Next up for Intrepid is the full-length Intrepid/Areakt film "Operation: Beta Shield," which is slated for release later this year, as well as "The Stone Unturned," a full-length Intrepid episode due out in 2009.

"Where There's a Sea" will be available here.


Unknown said...

Well, thanks for this great news!
it is nice to read here about star trek episodes latest news here on your blog....well how you know about star trek? i mean here is much news as you submitted where from you knows that it was happening in star trek episodes.

Kirok of LStok said...

Sushil, it comes from being a fan who is fascinated by (some might say obsessed with!) Star Trek and what fans are doing with it.

Photons - you've obviously got the background knowledge and interest in what you write about. You can compose a short news item from a blurb - and you can spell!!! Why don't you see if the editorial job at Fan Made over on the Trek Movie site is still open?



Barb said...

This website appears deserted. I don't know if you ever check it. But if you do, I have a fan film website which I am keeping up-to-date. I would appreciate it if you would put a note forwarding people to websites which are current, such as Trekmovie and my website, Star Trek Reviewed.
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